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 BySaha aims to have a positive social impact by offering you faitrade products chosen carefully. Every item you purchase on this website will contribute to a bigger cause and make someone smile somewhere in the world. 

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She is a mother of seven children, and is preparing to welcome her eighth child into the world. Her husband is unable to work due to disability, making Nisreen the sole provider for her family. Her part-time job with Sitti Soap secures her and her family’s financial independence.

NisreenArtisan soap maker at Sitti Soap

“When my husband died in 1982, I depended on charcoal burning and farming to maintain my livelihood. But then the government banned the practice of charcoal burning, and farming became so unproductive due to very low rainfall. So I’m very grateful to the customers who buy our baskets as it’s my only source of income.”

PeninaBasket weaver at Jora

Her family has lived in Jerash “Gaza” Camp since they fled to Jordan in 1967. Seeham says that her life is better, financially and emotionally, since she started working as a part-time employee of Sitti Soap. It has given her a way to provide for her family, and has also given her a sense of purpose outside of her role as a mother.

SeehamArtisan soap maker at Sitti Soap


How do two travel and ethic lovers combine their passions ? 
They start a webshop !

Sara : The tireless traveler & Hamza : The dreaming geek
(yep that's us !)

Husband and wife trying to have a positive impact on this world by selling handcrafted products from different countries they love.

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