Our Story

Picture of Sara and Hamza - BySaha Founders

Inspired by artisans and travel

Our love for travel and handmade products inspired us to start our brand, BySaha.

We are a young couple, Sara, 29 years old tireless traveler and 32 years old dreaming geek, Hamza. Two citizens of the world, currently based in Brussels.


Small choices make a big impact

In a society of overproduction, overconsumption and inequality, we want to do a small gesture to be part of a great change.

BySaha is all about handcrafted ethical products, made by artisans all over the world. Every product is chosen carefully, with a unique touch and story.

We guarantee 100% cruelty-free, made with love and fair-trade products.


Upcycling every box

To lookout for our beloved home, Earth, we've chosen to use an upcycled packaging.

Every box sent has already lived at least one life, you can give it a third if you like ;) . 


Each purchase makes a difference

We team up with different associations that have a great positive social impact.

That way, every item you buy on this website will contribute to a bigger cause and will put a smile on your lips and someone else's, somewhere in the world.

Let’s make better choices today, to make a better tomorrow.