Migori Basket


This basket was handcrafted with love by Polina, Luciana, and Constance from Jora village.

This basket is perfect as a plant pot or for storing small items while adding character to the room.

  • Size: L and XL

  • Colour: Black (very dark purple)

Basket weaving is a tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. They are made of 100 % sisal plant that grows well in a harsh Kenyan climate.

How to take care of your beautiful basket:

Sisal is known to be an extremely strong and durable material. A splash of water will not harm it, but as it’s a natural product we recommend you to dry it if it gets wet. Be careful to not expose your basket to full sunlight so the colors won’t fade.

Making baskets out of natural products is a very labor-intensive art because of the long process to transform the sisal leaves into a beautiful basket. The time of weaving depends on the design of the baskets.

Fairtrade - Eco-friendly - Handcrafted

* We sell only the basket, not the plant ;)
* Color might slightly vary from photo