Loofah Sponge and Olive Oil Soap Set

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This set includes 1 loofah sponge set and 1 large natural soap bar .

Sitti Soap bars are all-natural olive oil soap bars. Each bar is handmade using the traditional cold-press "Nabulsi" method, passed down from generation-to-generation of Palestinian women. We source our olive oil from local farms in Jerash, Jordan.

Soap Ingredients: 100% pure Jordanian Olive Oil, Water (aqua), Lye. 

*No additives, preservatives, artificial fragrances, alcohol, animal by-products, or perfumes. 100% Vegan.

Large bar. Ideal for body and hand-washing. Keeps skin moisturized and nourished. An essential addition to your daily skin care regimen. Friendly to sensitive skin, including those who may suffer from acne or eczema.

  • Weight: 90g 

Fairtrade - Eco-friendly - Hand crafted - Cruelty free 

Sitti Loofah Sponge is 100% entirely natural, compostable and biodegradable loofah and cotton string. 

  • Size: 12.5x10 cm 
  • Approx. weight: 36g 

These Sitti loofah sponges are made from pure loofah plants. They are perfect to exfoliate in the shower or as an eco-friendly alternative to your kitchen sponges. 
Help us take care of our beautiful earth by using these sponges. 

You can use the loofah with your Sitti Soap Bar, rub it into the loofah, the mesh-like texture will make it easy to foam using less soap with each use. 
Sitti's loofah sponge is hard enough to exfoliate and scrub, and soft enough to protect your skin or other surfaces. Each sponge is durable for approximately 30-40 days. When you are finished with you loofah sponge, simply bury it in the soil or throw it in with your other compost materials. 

How to use your Loofah sponge: 
Before your first use, soak your Sitti loofah sponge in water for 3-5 minutes, allowing it to expand and soften. Make sure to rinse and hand your loofah to dry after each use. You can gently wash your loofah every now and then in a bowl of baking soda , which will increase its lifespan.